ACD / Visual Design & UI Lead


Hi there, I’m Ben. I’m a Visual Design UI Lead / Associate Creative Director with over 17 years of agency and consulting experience in Washington, DC.

I began my career as a web designer and Flash animator. As I gained experience and grew professionally, I because an Interactive Art Director, Senior AD, then Director of Interactive and Acssociate Creative Director. These days I’m a Visual Design / UI Lead, which marries my soft spot for digital strategy, extensive history with managing creative teams and multi-channel campaigns, and love of leading the design and UI for digital experiences.

It’s not enough for work to just be beautiful, it needs to resonate with the audience, be immediately understandable, and inspire them to take action. It is the job of a creative to distill down complex messages, ideas, and experiences to make them simple, intuitive, and useful for the audience. I also strongly believe that no matter how talented you are, that’s only half of the job. The other half is being able to effectively work with teammates, other disciplines, and clients to ensure the best possible product. It is critical to be able to communicate and advocate for your work, but also be receptive to feedback and ideas from any source.

If you are interested in talking with me more, please use the form at the bottom of this page. You can also download my resume here, and a PDF of my portfolio and case studies here.


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